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The Characteristics Of Folding Tables And Chairs

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Folding tables and chairs are with functions of folding tables and chairs. It is convenient for folding table and chair folding and transportation that the characteristics, in the banquet, conference, exhibition and other places often see its shadow, has become a indispensable furniture hotel, exhibition and other places.


The characteristics of folding tables and chairs

1, this product is light and easy to carry, beautiful and strong, economical and practical, both the general characteristics of ordinary furniture, and inherited the plastic products of acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean, color changes, such as traditional style.

2, with flame retardant, the advantages of waterproof, easy for storage, does not occupy a space.

3, more economical than woodiness furniture is convenient, stronger than glass furniture firm

4, the biggest advantage is put in the home also pretty fit, need not when can be folded, the thickness will not take a place. Takes a few seconds to open, convenient.

5, can make table, mahjong, secretary, etc., especially suitable for in the garden or terrace for leisure.


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