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Solve The Problem Of Steel Tariffs

- Jun 02, 2018 -

U.S. secretary of commerce announced on May 31st, Ross will be from June 1 of European imports of steel and aluminium to impose additional duties of 25% and 10%.The European Union decided to react quickly.The European commission's President, jean-claude juncker, said in a statement, the us tariffs unilaterally makes no sense, has violated the world trade organization rules, this is pure protectionism.America's approach to the eu have no choice, the eu can only through the world trade organization (wto) dispute settlement mechanism to solve the problem of American tariffs, and correspondingly tariffs on American goods.

The European commission's trade commissioner malm, Aaron also said that in both sides of the negotiations, the United States tried to trade restrictions by threatening to take to get the European Union concessions.This is not the way we do business, it is certainly not a long-term partners and Allies method should be used.The European Union will respond according to WTO rules, and to take all necessary measures to avoid the European market is affected by the U.S. trade restrictions.

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