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Plastic Tables And Chairs Are Most Afraid Of The Environment In Which To Use

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Plastic table and chair is an essential part of modern life, it is equivalent to the joint parts of furniture, inconspicuous but important. Generally speaking, these small furniture do not want some sophisticated instrument parts that make the delicate, but they also have certain use requirements, can be used in a suitable environment, will greatly increase their service life, then they are more taboo in which environment to use?

1. Low-temperature-as far as plastics are concerned, there are some limitations to tolerance at low temperatures, especially plastic tables and chairs this kind of civilian plastic, because of the cost of the reason, is not a special resistance to cold plastic that characteristics, so in some cold environment, such as winter outdoors, these plastics may become very fragile, A little force will break the broken;

2. Strong lighting-plastic tables and chairs used in most of the plastic is still very afraid of some high-energy radiation light, such as the sun in the ultraviolet light is this high energy. Prolonged exposure to this light, as a result of the large absorption of this ray, will eventually occur plastic sexual changes, from the inside out decomposition cracking;

3. Acid-base-Strictly speaking, plastic is not afraid of ordinary acid and alkali substances, but if you have a heart, you will find that most of the plastic desks and chairs are in conjunction with metal gadgets, these small devices are still very afraid of acid-base, if they are corroded and destroyed immediately after the plastic structure will be damaged.

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