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Plastic Chairs How To Judge If There Is No Toxicity

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The characteristic of the poisonous plastic chair is still very obvious. In general, it is much more colorful and dense because of the addition of a large amount of pigments (organic or inorganic). But cheap paint is poisonous. The second is the plastic texture is impure, it is possible to use recycled plastic or doping other plastic, this plastic is not guaranteed that its source is safe. such as medical waste plastics and garbage collection. In addition, when the heat becomes soft, feel sticky hands. The majority of PVC, the softer, plasticizer and low molecular weight polymers more, generally unsafe. Plastic tablecloths are not exposed to food for long periods of time and are not exposed to food at high temperatures. Plastic no smell, aging plastic replacement in a timely manner, this is safe.
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