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Making Method Of Portable Folding Siamese Picnic Tables And Chairs

- Jan 25, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cars are gradually entering the family, family car ownership of the increase in the family as a unit of self-driving leisure, tourism will become a lot of cars in the weekend, vacation important activities, can enjoy the suburbs fresh air, beautiful environment, beneficial to people's physical and mental health. Self-driving leisure, tourism, etc., should be equipped with suitable for the outskirts of the folding table, dining chair, but the current market in the field with folding table, dining chair, the common use of split structure, that is, table, dining chairs folded, there is a large folding volume, need to occupy a larger space, inconvenient to put in the car's trunk.

Utility model The purpose of the utility model is to provide a portable foldable Siamese picnic table and chair which is small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry after folding, aiming at the shortage of the existing technology.

The utility model is designed to realize a portable folding Siamese picnic table and chair, includes a table panel, wherein the tabletop board is hinged by a symmetrical two parts, and the periphery of the table panel is provided with a downward enclosing edge, and a handle with a locking clasp is arranged on the two sides of the side wall which is the counterpart of the Tabletop board. A double seat is arranged on each side of the two parts of the tabletop board, and a pair of feet are hinged on both sides of the two seats. The foot is provided with a two-segment hinge to receive a folding brace, and a latch is arranged on the folded brace; in the middle of the two seats and adjacent parts of the desktop board near the bottom with two connecting rods, the two ends of the connecting rod and the desktop board, A hinged connection between two seats and a 13-segment hinge to receive a folded brace between two connecting rods the two ends of the three-segment hinged folding brace are connected with the distal side of the tabletop plate of the adjacent part and the outer side of the double seat, and the three-segment hinge receives the middle section of the inclined brace and the connecting rod of the two sides. In the middle part of the three-segment hinge receiving the inclined brace and the medial part of the double seat is provided with a two-segment hinge to receive the folded support rod, the two-segment hinge receives the two ends of the folding rod and the three-segment hinge to receive the folding brace and the double seat hinged connection.

The utility model further improves the design of a parasol jack which can be set in the middle of the tabletop plate to facilitate field use.

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