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- Apr 18, 2018 -

table and chair is designed for kindergarten size custom-made furniture, professional color was set to bright color and more accord with young children to use. It is suitable for kindergartens, and other places, children's palace, and elementary school.

tabletop brim with humanized design, easy to clean. Legs can be adjusted freely according to children's height and uneven ground height.
Legs with a rubber mat can prevent sliding and scratch the floor.
Children's chair is designed by their needs. When using, stacked design, Other whiles, save space. Safety, light weight, easy to transport, fold and carry. The scope of application: kindergarten, nursery, children's palace, and primary school and other places.

The quality requirements
Plastic tables and chairs
Raw material should be used in the original raw material: polyethylene or polypropylene.
Product appearance and tables, and children's fingers can touch the place should be no burrs and sharp edges.
Tables and chairs are on balance and its biggest deviation shall not be more than 2 mm.
Should comply with the requirements of the Q1095.
Chairs and tables after the strength and durability test, combining with the loose parts are not allowed to appear. Parts are not allowed to split.
Tables and chairs stability test results not tilting.
Environmental requirements: ISO: 14001-14001.
National mandatory safety certification (3 c certification).


Buying advice
1, had better choose to buy at the same time, have many years of experience in production unit, who has many years production experience to ensure quality.
2, don't only look at the price and pictures, children's furniture quality is mainly decided by the material, don't to choose poor quality factories because of cheaper price;
3, try to choose good reputation, full of qualification units to buy.;
4, to buy baby furniture the first thing is quality safety.


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