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How To Maintain Plastic Tables And Chairs

- Jan 25, 2018 -

1. Avoid exposure-plastic is a variety of harsh conditions of a good tolerance of a material, but linyi plastic tables and chairs to tell us that this material but the intense light has a great impact on the long period of intense direct light will make the plastic become metamorphic fragile, greatly reduced service life;

2. To avoid acid and alkaline substances-although the market qualified high-quality plastic tables and chairs are good acid and alkali properties, but for a stronger acid-base but can not parry, we have to avoid these substances direct contact;

3. Avoid sharp objects-the high strength of the plastic refers to its overall strength, but for the local wear-resistant scratch, is relatively poor, scratches more than one is not beautiful, the second is easy to accumulate dust is not good to clean;

4. Maintain room temperature-high temperature Needless to say, this is the general material can not withstand the. At low temperatures, the plastic surface may not change, but it will become unusually crisp, a careless will break and collapse. So in the case of cold winter, it must be placed in the indoor protection.

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