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The desks and chairs must conform to the standard height and the students ' height

- Jan 24, 2018 -

According to the China Education newspaper, recently, the Fujian Provincial Education Department issued a notice request, schools equipped with desks and chairs to be as far as possible to the table high and the height of the chair matching, desks and chairs with high degree of height with students, in the same grade and the same class, can have different models of the desk chair, conditional schools should be equipped with lifting class desks and chairs.

Fujian request, the school preset desks and chairs, according to the local students in the middle of the school year and even the end of the proportion of the height composition, reference to national standards, determine the number of models of various sizes. All localities should fully consider the needs of students standing, sitting, moving, operating, walking and other activities in the teaching process, strictly control the class size, reduce the number of desks and chairs in the classroom. In the purchase of students desks and chairs, according to the county-oriented management system, the implementation of the primary and secondary school student desks and chairs of the purchase funds, can not increase the financial burden on students.

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