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Introduction to Children's seats

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Many parents mistakenly think that the child to sit in the arms of the deputy driving position is the safest way, in fact, the parents are eager to underestimate the impact of the vehicle impact on the strength of the collision, the children are often easily ejected by the airbag pressure broken internal organs. The Chinese toy and Baby Supplies Association president Shixiaoguang earlier in the interview pointed out that the correct use of child safety seats can make children in car accidents in the death rate effectively reduced by 70%. When the speed reaches 50km/h (the normal speed of the city), a child weighing 40kg is equivalent to 1 tons of moving objects. The impact of a child in a high-speed collision is equivalent to the weight of an elephant. At this time to hold the child, the equivalent of using their hands to save a four-storey degenerate adult!
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