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How to maintain a chair

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Chair Maintenance

1, to avoid the holding of hot water or soup cups, tableware directly placed on the table, but should be a coaster or insulation pad and the desktop separated.

2, as long as the heat in the desktop, leaving a white circle traces, at this time can be cotton stained with camphor oil to wipe, along with white scale traces like painting round to wipe back and forth, should be easy to remove traces.

3, Glass table white scale, as long as in the white dirt place to pour some oil, and then wipe with old stockings.

4, the color of the wooden table chair can be used first dye in the scratches to do complementary action, such as dye dry, and then evenly upper light wax.

5, because the restaurant location is usually in the kitchen next door, so dinner tables and chairs easily contaminated fumes, users should be diligent wipe to reduce the adhesion of dust, easy to clean up in the future.

6, in order to avoid oily contamination is difficult to remove, you may wish to use the seat cover to protect your love chair, in the careless dirty, just remove the chair sleeve cleaning, convenient and easy, not to hurt table chair.

7, marble dining table and chair surface wear, can be used to polish, recoverable luster.

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